The Sellwire Blog

  1. New Feature: Skip Purchase Page

    You can now set the option to skip the Purchase page for files. This will skip the page with the “buy” button and send the user straight to the payment after clicking your purchase link.

  2. New Feature: Mark Orders as Refunded

    From today you can now edit the status of an order to be “Refunded”. This allows you to keep track of orders that you have refunded and means they won’t show up in the reports as positive sales.

  3. New Feature: Version Management

    Sellwire Version Management

    Today we launched a new feature: version management. Now you can have multiple “versions” per file. This allows you to upload a new “version” every time you update your file, thats it.

    Then when users visit their receipt page, the will have the option to download older versions of the file (the newest version being the default).

    This makes the process of providing upgrades to your customers as simple as uploading a new file and giving it a version number.