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Upload Files

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Start Selling

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Keep Tracking

Watch your sales figures and earnings with our easy reports.

Simple File Management

We believe selling digital goods online should be as simple as uploading a file and sharing a link. So thats how easy it is to get started with Sellwire. Simply upload a file to Sellwire, and we generate a link for you to add to your website, or share on Twitter and Facebook. We even allow you to upload multiple versions for each file so that users can get easy access to previous versions, and get automatically alerted when you add a new version.

Easy Order Tracking

Sellwire takes care of all the complexities of different e-commerce payment solutions, so you don't have to. We presents you with a simple list of your orders so that you can quickly see who has purchased your files, and your customer gets sent an email with a link to their beautifully generated receipt page. We even let you decide if order should expire after a certain amount of time or downloads. Need to find a specific order? Just use the powerful search bar.

Flexible Promotions

When you want to offer a promotion to your grateful customers Sellwire has you covered. Easily create coupon codes for a monetary discount or a percentage discount, choose which product(s) it applies to and you are good to go. You can even set a promotion to expire at a certain time or set a maximum number of redemptions for the promotion. Sellwire also offers "Upgrade" promotions so you can up-sell related products to your customers.

Detailed Reports

Being able to quickly see how your files are performing is of paramount importance. So we make that simple by offering several different reports which show per-file performace and overall performance within any date range. We also have a "Last Six Month" breakdown report for a higher level performance summary and a tax report for users who have enabled taxation on their accounts. Not to mention all of our reports look beautiful.

Powerful Payments

Currently we support PayPal and Stripe as payment processors. This means that you can create files and accept payments in over 24 different currencies using PayPal, and accept credit card payments from all over the world using Stripe. All you need to get going is a PayPal or Stripe account. We don't even charge any fees on top of our payment processors so there isn't even any hidden costs here.

Much More...

Above is just a handful of the great features which are packed into Sellwire. Things we haven't mentioned yet include purchase page customisation (including HTML descriptions and feature images), built in taxation for EU users, a stunning dashboard page for a quick overview of your Sellwire account, the ability to export orders... the list goes on. Sign up today to start discovering all the amazing things Sellwire can do for you.

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