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New Feature: Tax Support for EU Companies

Iain Poulson Published on October 12, 2012

We had requests from some tax registered companies that needed tax to be applied to the price of their products during the Sellwire purchase process. In this new release we have added this functionality for European Union tax registered companies.

In the Company Details section of your settings you can set the company as tax registered then configure your country of tax registration (limited to EU companies for the moment), enter your tax registration number and rate of tax.

Now when someone clicks on your link to purchase an item they will be asked to select their country and fill in their tax number if applicable.

Tax will only be applied if they select a country inside the EU and are not tax registered in another EU country. The tax will be applied at the rate entered in your settings. If your items have promotion codes then the tax will be added after any promo code has been applied.

The tax details of your company and the buyer will be displayed on the receipt.

Iain Poulson I’m a developer based on the south coast of England. I develop WordPress plugins like Intagrate and WP User Manager. I also run Plugin Rank to help WordPress plugin developers track their rankings in WordPress search results.

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