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Automatic Updates for WordPress Plugins and Themes

Like many other sellers of commercial WordPress themes and plugins we were affected by the recent downtime and subsequent shutdown of the service WP Updates after it was sold by Dev7studios. We used it to deliver automatic updates for our plugins, and it has caught us short when we needed to push out updates.

To solve this problem we have baked in support for automatic updates for WordPress themes and plugins right into Sellwire!

You can edit a file on Sellwire and in the advanced settings select if it is a WordPress plugin or theme:


This is where you can access the code to integrate into your plugin or theme, and help with setting it up.

If you are selling a plugin, you can let Sellwire use the readme.txt file (if your plugin has one) to tell WordPress all about your plugin and changelog, just like a free plugin on the repository.

When you upload a new version of a file you can add the changelog detail for themes and plugins without a readme.txt so Sellwire can build the changelog to be displayed in the user’s WordPress site when they click on ‘View details’:


The updater code integrates with plugins or themes sold on Sellwire with licensing activated, so the customer must have a valid license before updates are served.

We have also removed the previous integration with WP Updates as this is now obselete.


  1. Great, will try this out soon!

  2. Howard says:

    is there any ETA for affiliate system ?

  3. Howard says:

    ETA for affiliate system ?

  4. This is awesome news. Never knew a SAAS for selling WP plugins and themes existed.

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