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Upcoming Redesign and New Features

For the last month or so we’ve employed the amazing Scottish designer James McDonald to completely rework the Sellwire design (the app and the site). Everything will be getting a new lick of paint in the coming weeks, and we wanted to give you sneek peak on what we’ve been working on.

[showcase slug=”v3-teasers”]

See more previews on Dribbble →

We’ll also finally be coming out of beta and launching our pricing scheme (more on that later). We haven’t been skimping on the development side of things either with new features such as:

  • Emailing customers when a new version is uploaded
  • Google Analytics eCommerce integration
  • Tax and VAT support
  • Twitter/Facebook signup and login integration
  • Much more…

So keep your eyes peeled for our big update by following us on Twitter and subscribing to the RSS feed.


  1. One simple, yet very important feature we’re missing is encryption.

    I’d personally like to see the entire site on https, but we need to at least get the login, registration and admin pages on a secure connection.

    One wishlist item would be the ability to choose our PayPal email address as apposed to the current API method which locks us down to our primary PayPal email address.

    In any case, exceptional work on Sellwire. I literally tested and researched all the other major digital delivery systems/gateways for more than a week and Sellwire was easily the standout best of the best.

    Thanks, Bryan

    • Gilbert Pellegrom says:

      Thanks for your comment and suggestions Bryan. SSL is a planned feature for our app but rest assured that all payment processing (handled by PayPal) already uses encryption.

      We did have someone else asking about choosing an alternate PayPal address but we’re not sure this is possible with the ExpressCheckout setup.

      • Ha, that was me actually. Just thought I’d check in on where that feature possibility lay. Yes, I know PayPal is encrypted. Primarily referring to password encryption for the login page and admin areas of Sellwire to protect our data.

        Yeah, Sellwire works beautifully so if you have to compromise it’s ease of use and simplicity whatsoever to appease the option of specifying the PayPal email address I think we can live without that option.

        How’s the affiliate program coming along (and hopefully we’ll be able to implement our links into Sellwire checkout/gateway pages)?

        Thanks, Bryan

        • Gilbert Pellegrom says:

          Don’t worry about password encryption, they are encrypted securely as is any other sensitive data.

          Once we launch the new pricing scheme we will be working on the affiliate system, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement later.

          • One final concern is the simplicity of the receipt links. While beautifully simple, does create an obvious and inevitable exploit.

            For now of course, we can manually monitor and if we saw for example thousands of downloads via one receipt we could disable it.

            But, as our customer base grows this will become unmanageable. I’m sure you’ve already been weighing the pros and cons of how to secure this in the future.

            Thanks, Bryan

        • Hi Sea,Just now catching up on relpies to the blog posts. SO nice to hear from you. Missing Maine during the fall, my favorite time of year. Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers. We’ll take ‘em!

  2. howard says:

    can you update me about your affiliate program , so that the product can be sold by our affiliate also

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