The Sellwire Blog

  1. New Feature: Customise Email Template

    Today we’ve pushed an update live that allows you to edit the email that goes out to your customers after they have purchased one of your files. Just another way we allow you to make the experience for your customers even better.

    Customise Email Template

  2. New Feature: Product Featured Images

    Today we’re pleased to announce that you can now add a featured image to your files. When uploading a new file or editing a file you can now specify a “Featured Image” which will appear above your product info on the purchase page. Just another way to enhance your product appearance and get more sales!

  3. New Feature: Tax Support for EU Companies

    We had requests from some tax registered companies that needed tax to be applied to the price of their products during the Sellwire purchase process. In this new release we have added this functionality for European Union tax registered companies.

    In the Company Details section of your settings you can set the company as tax registered then configure your country of tax registration (limited to EU companies for the moment), enter your tax registration number and rate of tax.


  4. New Feature: Version Update Notifications

    One of the most requested features we’ve had since we first launched Sellwire is to have the ability to email all of your customers when you add a new version of your product. Now you can! When uploading a new version you can now tick a checkbox that will automatically email all of your previous customers letting them know of the update.